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We told about of Christian alias Parasite Single a few weeks ago, when the 33 year old German guy from Hamburg created this terrific remix of Alt-J’s Tesselate. Check his version out there. ‚Til then you should know this guy for taking epic songs and making them his own with his electronic equipment. We like the way he incorporates his own style into the songs he works with, proving what a talented artist he is. This is one of many reasons, why we invited Christian to our little rapid fire round right here:

Who are you?
My name is Christian, a 33 year old, music loving individual from Hamburg, Germany.

What are you doing?
Lots of things. Right now I sit here drinking coffee trying to answer these questions constructively. 😀 Other than that I spent most of my time making music or thinking about my project Parasite Single.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been making music for many years, ever since I was 6 years old or something. I would describe my musical career in many different episodes. The episode I learnt to play the piano, the episode I bought a guitar and started a band. The episode I learnt about synthesizers and production. There was one I didn’t do much at all just wondered how to get things going and then there’s the last five years, probably the most productive ones.

Where did you throw the money from your first pay?
My first proper pay I think I got from making music for this really short advertising spot. It wasn’t for TV or anything big, probably just a little webpage video. Can’t remember how much I got, can’t remember where I threw it, the bartender probably, I was a student at the time.

What does your mother think of your life?
Good question. I think somewhere inside her she is proud and happy for me as long as I am happy. She worries though, about my future and retirement plans. Making a living from music is just nearly impossible, especially one you can safe money from.

What’s your worst piece of art, in your opinion?
Does it have to be music? I started painting at one time in my life! 😀 Musically I would say….there’s a few that are equally bad. I still like listening to them every now and again. It’s a reflection of where I was at certain time in my life. It’s hard to judge your own art, even harder for me to think something really sucks. I can always find a little something in there, a little me in there that shows me why I kept experimenting with the idea.

What was your childhood like?
Pretty good. Up until I was nine I lived in a street full of kids and we had a blast running around outside most of the day. At the age of nine my family moved to Bavaria though and i was lost for a long time, still am a little maybe.

Which youthful folly are you particularly proud of?
Me and my best friend at the time kept taking everyone’s mail out of their letterboxes and play postman. We mixed it up and delivered the letters as we felt like it. I think in the end no one really got the mail he/she was meant to get.

What would you like to ban if you could? 
Leaf blowers and nazis.

What is the best compliment someone has given you?
Hmmmm, is there something like a best compliment? I don’t know. Its always nice if someone compliments something I am particularly proud of in my composition or production. But then it’s also nice, if I get complimented on something I feel less confident about. Sometimes you get compared to an artist you look up to which feels good, and sometimes you get compared to artist you think suck… that sucks 😀

What would you like to have more time for?
Leaving the city. Maybe I even have the time, just need to organize it better.

Your big vision for the future?
Currently I am trying to lower my musical expectations and live more in the moment, not the dream. I used to do that a lot, its nice but you can get disappointed quickly. I guess I can say I want to get an EP/Album finished, find a new label and partners, get a proper live show going and gig more. I haven’t played many shows this year.

Your favorite song for an endless-repeat loop?

Etwas mehr von Parasite Single und seiner Musik gibt es auf InstagramFacebook und Twitter.