Nothing But Thieves. Fleiß und Arbeit zahlen sich eben doch irgendwann aus. Da werden auch gerne mal die Papierflieger für das nächste Musikvideo alle selbst gebastelt. Seit letztem Monat ist auch das nach der Band benannte Album erhältlich und präsentiert 16 Songs auf dem gepressten Datenträger. Wir haben die fünf Jungs daraufhin kurzerhand mal zum WHO THE F**K IS_ gebten, schließlich mögen wir kreative Workaholics ja.

Who are you ?
Nothing but Thieves.

What are you doing?
Currently chewing gum and answering an interview.

How long have you been doing this?
Been chewing for 2 minutes. Haha I joke, we’ve been in this band for four years, been in bands for 10 years overall though.

Where did you throw the money from your first pay?
I guess our first pay was the record deal advance, we immediately moved to London with a portion of it.

What does your mother think of your life?
They’re all very proud. Dom’s mum, Joe’s mum and my mum all go out for regular ‚band mum‘ lunches haha. They’re all very supportive.

What ’s your worst piece of art, in your opinion?
I once drew a flower. It was badly drawn. It haunts me. I ask for a badly drawn flower on our riders so it reminds me where I’ve come from.

What was your childhood like …?
I don’t like children. Never was one.

Which youthful folly are you particularly proud of?
Hahahah these questions are odd. I was the milkybar kid. I was strong and tough.

What would you like to ban if you could?
Jason Derulo. Can he fuck off already.

What is the best compliment someone has given you ?
I’ll actually answer this seriously. Once my band mate Dom said I was one of the nicest most genuine people he’s ever met, really stuck with me. This was a year ago though, think he hates me now.

What would you like to have more time for?
Reading. I’d do it in the van but I get ridiculous motion sickness if I stare at a book whilst on the road. Over Christmas I think I’ll plow through.

Your big vision for the future?
I just want to be known as a genuinely great band with great songs, nice guys who do it all for the right reasons. And play Wembley yeah?

Your favorite Song for an endless-repeat loop?

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