In außerordentlich schönen Farben präsentiert der in Denver Rock, USA, beheimatete Luke Gottlieb seine auf Fashion, Lifestyle und Portrait spezialisierte Fotografie. Mit einer gelungen Mischung aus Anmut, Ruhe und farblicher Lebendigkeit zeigt er die Schönheit des Menschen von seiner natürlichsten Seite. Kein Wunder, dass Luke Gottlieb von sich selbst sagt, dass ihn vor allem das cinematografische Bewegtbild beim Storytelling inspiriert hat. Den Farben seiner Bilder ist das allemal anzusehen.

My approach to photography has become more akin to the cinematic arts. Since cinema is a visual medium for telling stories, I strive to capture the effect of narrative in a still photograph. If I don’t feel anything from a photo I take, I will move on. Everything started with landscapes for me. They stood as a canvas full of color and action, almost like a stage or set. Light would vary in an instance and act as a stage for some spectacular show. The reason I ultimately gravitated towards portraiture is because of the difficulty in capturing something real and genuine from such a variable subject. Human behavior is so spontaneous and fragile, that as a photographer I must too become vulnerable in order to feel what is being captured. The beauty of the two, landscape and portraiture, is that when paired they really do create something grand. It creates a state in which you are transported. That it feels familiar and that what you perceive is that of your own.

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Bilder © Luke Gottlieb