The Internet is a vast place and despite the fact that we’re lurking around every corner, we can’t always find every gem. That’s why we appreciate, if someone plucks up the courage and simply tells us about his or her work and shows us the projects they’re particularly proud of. For that purpose, we have this submission feature.


What resolution should my pictures be in?
Your pictures should be at least 2000px (landscape) wide. Upright shouldn’t be broader than 1200px! Please remember to downscale the DPI and convert the pictures into RGB colour spectrum :)

How many pieces of work should I send in?
A maximum of ten. It doesn’t matter if it’s a series or a selection of different shots from your portfolio. If and when we consider posting a feature about you, we’ll take a closer look into your work and might contact you with further requests.

How should I submit my work?
WeTransfer has proven itself to be a practical way to do that. Just upload your work there and send us an e-mail to

What information do you need?
Please tell us a little bit about you, your work respectively, and include all of your all of your relevant links (including personal website, social media accounts, etc.) – that way, we will save time and you are more likely to get a closer look online. We thank you with lots of digital love!