It is finally here! We actually have it in our hands – the new masterpiece of Hamburg based photographer Ben Bernschneider. The last time I met him for a web talk, just before he went onto the big America-production journey, for precisely this project “Tales of an American Summer”. A Mixture of photo book and diary. By a photographer, who questioned himself and his works, who headed off and returned with a new perspective on life. Proofs of the analog approach are the small slides that come with every supporter-pack of his crowdfunding campaign and which are a genuine rarity.

But let’s talk about the mood of it all, first. And what better way to amp up your anticipation than to show you the making of trailer of the “Tales of an American Summer” success story.

Whoever has not yet set their heart on Tales of an amercian summer, will do so now. For 36,45€ you get a photo book with 240 pages, tightly packed with beautiful lifestyle series and mixed with documentary snapshots taken in sunny Palm Springs. If we didn’t know any better, we would think that Hank Moody captured his life in photographs. And the well-done softcover alone is an art piece for eternity. You get a sense of how much love Ben put into this book, when you read the little notes alongside the images. Semi-real, semi-fictional, he talks about a journey, everyone wishes they had went on themselves. A sneak peak, you ask? Sure thing:

Still insanely hungover, I have a panic attack on the plane and then this girl, who seems somehow familiar to me from
some movie or music video, hands out some Xanax to everyone. We all have some and after necking some shots of gin
and doing key bumps from a Mercedes 450SL’s key, we all sing TINY DANCER so loud that my ears ring. And as the
plane is falling out of the sky, through the clouds, my eyes roll back in my head and I thankfully pass out.

Ben has written all of these notes, as well as the acknowledgements directed at the supporters of his funding, manually on an old Olympia typewriter and afterwards digitized for the layout. Everything about that is so beautiful, I struggle to find more words for it. I snapped a few shots of the total work of art, which finally graces my bookshelf and without hesitation, I urge you to buying it yourself. Next to Steffen’s New York Logbook, it’s probably one of the mandatory purchases of German photographers in 2015.

Check out Ben’s Store to preorder his “Tales of an american summer” now.






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